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Kitchen Remodel Katy will make sure that everything will be done in the new Kitchen Install Katy. Installation of cabinets, and other kitchen needs.

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Kitchen installation and remodeling services

Kitchen Install Katy provides kitchen remodeling services for every homeowner’s kitchen needs. Kitchen installation is our bread and butter and is only handled by our expert installers. There are a lot of handymen out there who claim to be kitchen installation experts. But for us, we let our work do the talking, and our installers are licensed and insured. Rest assured that your cabinet and other installed appliances are in capable hands.

We also have full-time installation coordinators that will be in touch with you during the entire kitchen installation process. If you have any questions about the installation, it’s best to ask your designated installation coordinator. We fully commit to your work in order not to give our customers the hassle of the remodeling process because some installation service providers back out at the last minute. If you get your countertops, cabinets, and other installation services at Kitchen Install Katy, we are confident enough to complete the task and answer any of your inquiries. Here are some of our installation services.

  • Appliance installation
  • Cabinet and design installation
  • Countertop design installation
  • Sink and faucet installation
  • Backsplash installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Light and ceiling fan installation
  • Door installation
  • Blind, shutters, and shades installations


How the installation process happens

Of course, our installers at Kitchen Installation Katy are accomplished and licensed handypersons when it comes to different installation processes. Each has an essential background in electrical wiring which means they can put up lights and wiring. This means that there’s less chance of experiencing faulty wiring, which can cause a fire. Our professional handyman always conducts surveys to make sure everything is in place. Other than that, they also update homeowners on any issues that may warrant concern. Once the assessment process is done comes the installation process. Everything is measured accordingly when the installation process begins, and there will be no hiccups.

Kitchen cabinets

The type of kitchen will depend on your cabinet, and it may cost extra. But if you’re willing to spend some extra cash with your cabinet, because we have a variety of cabinets we can install. Just tell us what type of cabinet you want and the kind of wood you want to use. Make sure that it goes well with the entire kitchen ensemble. If you enlist the services of Kitchen Install Katy, we can work something through with your design choices. If we think that the design and quality of the material you want to use don’t work out, we have suggestions as a form of compromise.

The bottom line

You need an installation service provider who can fully commit to the project and see the entire process pull through. You need someone who is licensed and insured in order to protect yourself from any damages that might happen in case of an accident. Also, a professional installer should have an essential background in lighting and electricity, as some homeowners require light installation services. Most of all, you need someone who is a Jack of all trades. Call Kitchen Installation Katy for your kitchen needs.

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